Monday, August 11, 2008

Sheer Neglect

Talk about a neglected blog. I really need to get committed to doing something more here.

Time - it's all about time. I have none. And I've been traveling quite a bit. This has been both good and bad for my training. Good in the sense that I have managed to run in many new places from Yellowstone to the Black Hills to Washington, DC. Bad, though, because I haven't been able to lose weight and I'm behind in my training for the Twin Cities.

I did manage to get in a long run yesterday - 15.5 miles. Not the 19-20 I should have done. I'm pretty sore today which tells me I am undertrained. I have to find time to ramp things back up. But, alas, I'm off next week to yet another big city. No long run for me probably.

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