Saturday, May 3, 2008

A run and a rant

First the run. Today was AWESOME. The temperature was in the mid 30's and it was sunny, sunny, sunny. Perfect for me. I headed out hoping to do 10 miles but I was just feeling great so I did 12 miles in all. I was even able to maintain a good 8:40 pace even at the end of my run, so I was happy. There were a lot of runners out and about this morning. I think there was some kind of organized marathon training run as I saw lots of people on the marathon route and an aid station set up.

Now the rant. Garmin and motionbased are beginning to really piss me off. I have used for a couple of years to log my runs from my Garmin forerunner 305. It's taken a long time for Macintosh compatibility to come from Garmin. Toward the end of this month motionbased will cease and everything will be migrated over to Garmin Connect. GC is a brand new logging system built from the ground up by Garmin. Although they should support all Garmin devices, none of their information pages, nor the garmin connect web site says anything about Garmin devices other than the Edge 605/705 and Forerunner 405. I'm not sure yet what will happen when I try to upload from my 305. As of today it is not possible to use Garmin Connect with the 305.

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Teresa said...

Glad you had a great run! :-) After the weather forecasters talked about all the rain and thunderstorms we were going to have today, it's actually a nice sunny day. Go figure! I'm hoping to get a couple of good miles in this afternoon. Enjoy your weekend!