Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Only a few more days before the marathon and I feel ready. I was just lamenting over on the runningahead forums that I both love and hate tapering for these races. I love the taper time as I feel so strong when my legs are well rested. Like this morning when I went out for a very strong and invigorating 4 miles. But I hate the feeling that I am slacking off. After these months of training and long runs I just want to get out there and run some more. I also start to feel bloated and heavy. Oh, speaking of that, I did not meet my weight loss goal for the race. I was hoping to be about 30 pounds lighter. But that's the way it goes. I can never seem to lose weight near the end of my training. As a matter of fact I tend to gain weight. So there it is. I'll make the best of it this Saturday. I am really looking forward to a good strong race in my hometown.

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