Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I know I'm a slacker

Ok, first of all I know I have slacked off about writing on this new blog. I promise as I get closer to the Fargo Marathon on May 17, I'll be updating much more frequently. The other thing I have been slacking off on is getting up in the morning to run. I've been doing pretty well on the weekends, but I am officially SICK and TIRED of the cold weather. This weekend it will be 60 degrees warmer than it will be tomorrow morning and that only reaches the freezing point. I think I'll try to run in the evening tonight when it's warmer (close to zero).

That being said I have been traveling for a couple of weeks and had some good runs on the road. A couple weeks ago I was in Albuquerque and had a couple of very nice runs in the high desert. I actually saw coyotes running along the trail. And last week I got in a good workout while in Pittsburgh. The hills there were quite steep and I definitely used some muscles I'm not used to.

I will get this blog in shape soon. Just be patient with me.


Ryan said...

hi greg,
Just found your blog via your food blog via another blog on tuna and salmon fishcakes. I am also a runner, cook, and analytical (not organic!) chemist! Good luck with the marathon training.

I will have a good look at some of your recipes later!


Greg said...

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for commenting and thanks for reminding me I have this blog! :)