Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fitness and Training

It's only a month until the Twin Cities marathon. I completed my 4th 20 mile run last Sunday. Training has been going really really well. You can see from my 8 mile run this morning (details below) that my pace is improving. Most importantly my heart rate is remaining lower. It used to jump up to about 175 or so when I was pushing this hard but now I can barely break 160. I think the chances of me blowing away my PR next month are very good. I have the Dick Beardsley half marathon on September 11 and I'm looking forward to a fast time.

Intervals (GPS Interval)
TypeDistanceTimeTotal TimePaceAvg HRMax HR

Interval1 Mi7:54.2116:47.347:55146153
Interval1 Mi7:57.2824:44.627:58147156
Interval1 Mi7:55.0332:39.657:56144157
Interval1 Mi7:54.8240:34.477:55153160
Interval1 Mi7:55.4548:29.927:56155158
Interval1 Mi7:36.0656:05.987:37155161
Interval1 Mi8:03.141:04:09.128:04153158
Interval0.02 Mi0:09.591:04:18.718:00157158

On the fitness front I have been working out a lot and really building my core. I feel a lot stronger and tighter though my weight loss has slowed significantly in the last month. I'm now down to about 215 pounds and I don't know if I'll hit 200 before the marathon. But that's ok. My body is still shrinking and I'm building muscle.

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