Saturday, June 7, 2008

La la run

Have you ever had one of those runs where you just didn't feel like you were connected to it? Like you were in another place and the run was just happening? That happened to me this morning. I went out for a nice 5.8 mile run this morning. It was a gorgeous morning with the sun streaming through the trees and a cool breeze blowing to take the edge off the humid air. Should have been perfect. But as I was running I just didn't feel like I was connected to my body. It was going through the motions just fine but it was like someone else's body. It kind of reminds me of Jill Bolte Taylor's description of her mind going to la la land while she was having a stroke. One of the strangest runs I've had in a while. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Well, I haven't posted since the marathon and I wanted to update you all on my training. It's only one more week to the Manitoba Marathon in Winnipeg and I've been able to quickly jump back into training after Fargo. As you can see from my training graph I did a reverse taper for two weeks hitting another 20 mile training run. I'm now tapering down until the race. Well, taper is to mild of a word. I didn't run at all during the week last week due to work and stormy weather. But this weekend is beautiful and I'm getting in my weekend runs. I'll do a little more running during the week, easy 4 milers I think, and then give it my best on Father's day.

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